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Give me the Clap By Spreading It!!!!

Starting today, all my tracks are available for FREE on SoundCloud!!!!!! If you like it sharing the link would make me feel better about begging! https://soundcloud.com/heldersousa260/sets/free-downloadsImage



I feel like I’m watching a rap opera about two tweaking crackheads holding up a convenience store

Listen to the chains rattling!

I used a poem from 1972 as the vocals(the conscience). Leave feedback. Burden of a conscience by Hot_Cella on SoundCloud

My remix for “Forever” (Hot Cella Mix) Ft Drake ,Lil Wayne, Eminem. Let me know what you think.

My Remix of “Forever Ft Drake,Lil Wayne ,& Eminem (no Kanye West, I can’t stand him)

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