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And This Is One Of The Many Reasons Why I Love Her

Only my wife would refer to a CONDUCTOR as an INSTRUCTOR.Image


Who said that you should never discuss religion?


And There’s White Smoke


           Habemus Papam, sounds like it would be good on a bagel. 

“Do Butterflies Give Milk”?


That’s the question that my 12 yr old daughter asked me on the way home from school the other day….12!!! I have a 16 yr old & a 15 Yr old at home also and they’re  not any less retarded. Here’s a list of some real gems from over the years.

So whoever said “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” never had kids!


  1. “Is this the same moon as the one in Florida”?
  2. “How do fish scratch when they have an itch”? ( That one was the 16 yr old)
  3. ” I got lost walking up the stairs”
  4. “What animal does rice come from?
  5. “Day light savings time stinks, we didn’t lose an hour we stayed in school for the same time”
  6. “WWE is not fake! So you believe Chris Benoit killed his family but you don’t believe that Vince McMahon was in that limo when it blew up on Monday night  RAW”?
  7. Last but not least ” How does the stork get the baby in the woman’s stomach”?



Sex Toy Story


And that’s that!

What A Waste Of A Degree

Went to the doctor for a yearly physical. He told me that I was overweight and if I exercised and ate right I would lose weight. No shit asshole, I’m fat not stupid!


And that’s that!

Stop laughing and having fun you little bastard, I have to shovel this shit!

Winter sucks donkey dick already!