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I'm a 40 Yr old married man, music producer, not well traveled, politically incorrect, vulgar hockey fanatic, tries not to work hard, & loves food (doesn't have to be fine or anything). I will not be blogging about my trips to Bora Bora , or how I thought that my $200 plate of parsley with some foam made me feel like i was taking a bubble bath of delicious .It'll be about how I feel, what I see, & what I hear, bad or good.

New Remix

My remix for”Congregation” Feat.Talib Kweli, Black Thought & Ab-Soul


Turn Old School Into New School

Check out my new version of an old favorite “Fast Life” with Kool G Rap & Nas set to my music. If you like it please pass it on by SHARING! Feedback would be welcomed & appreciated!

Give me the Clap By Spreading It!!!!

Starting today, all my tracks are available for FREE on SoundCloud!!!!!! If you like it sharing the link would make me feel better about begging!



Free Downloads available of 3 of my tracks ! If you like them, share them!! Helder Sousa on SoundCloud –

Worked for one NFL murder.


Sample of ” Stop Watcha Doin” Ft Celph Titled (Music Prod by Helder Sousa)

A little sample of what I’m working on, you guys let me know what you think so far.

And This Is One Of The Many Reasons Why I Love Her

Only my wife would refer to a CONDUCTOR as an INSTRUCTOR.Image