And There’s White Smoke


           Habemus Papam, sounds like it would be good on a bagel. 


About 4helderor4worst

I'm a 40 Yr old married man, music producer, not well traveled, politically incorrect, vulgar hockey fanatic, tries not to work hard, & loves food (doesn't have to be fine or anything). I will not be blogging about my trips to Bora Bora , or how I thought that my $200 plate of parsley with some foam made me feel like i was taking a bubble bath of delicious .It'll be about how I feel, what I see, & what I hear, bad or good. View all posts by 4helderor4worst

One response to “And There’s White Smoke

  • funnyphilosopher

    I involved you in the blogosphere’s equivalent of a chain letter by nominating you for a Liebster Award. It’s kind of a pain, but you can find details at my blog.
    I just realized you may have too many followers, but this has taken too much time already.

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