To Meme Or Not To Meme.

Even though I’ve seen them all over the interwebs I never knew what they were called. I’m talking about those pictures with caption on them. Most of the ones I’ve seen have cats and Willy Wonka & I didn’t find them that amusing. So in the spirit of “If you think you can do better” I’ve decided to enter the meme arena with a Will Ferrell character, Ron Burgundy because even if it’s not funny you can never go wrong with Will. Here’s the first and probably the last three in the series.




And that’s that!


About 4helderor4worst

I'm a 40 Yr old married man, music producer, not well traveled, politically incorrect, vulgar hockey fanatic, tries not to work hard, & loves food (doesn't have to be fine or anything). I will not be blogging about my trips to Bora Bora , or how I thought that my $200 plate of parsley with some foam made me feel like i was taking a bubble bath of delicious .It'll be about how I feel, what I see, & what I hear, bad or good. View all posts by 4helderor4worst

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