Leave the wheel alone already!


I came to a conclusion today, besides medicine if today we were to stop coming out with new trinkets and gadgets that the planet would still spin,the night & day cycles would not be altered ,and kids would grow up just fine. Technology has grown faster in the last 20 yrs than the 2000 before that. We’ve all heard the phrase “They don’t make stuff like they used to”..Why should they if next year you’re just going to throw it out and buy a new one? We even do it with our significant others, there’s always a newer, younger model out there. So lets slow down and enjoy those old smelly shoes, those photos taken with that 2 megapixel camera and breath a little


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I'm a 40 Yr old married man, music producer, not well traveled, politically incorrect, vulgar hockey fanatic, tries not to work hard, & loves food (doesn't have to be fine or anything). I will not be blogging about my trips to Bora Bora , or how I thought that my $200 plate of parsley with some foam made me feel like i was taking a bubble bath of delicious .It'll be about how I feel, what I see, & what I hear, bad or good. View all posts by 4helderor4worst

2 responses to “Leave the wheel alone already!

  • Mommy Write

    Very true. People are always in such a hurry to upgrade their gadgets to the latest greatest thing. I, on the other hand, am probably one of the few who still just has a meagre flip phone and I’m really in no hurry to change it.

    • 4helderor4worst

      Even though I wrote about it and do believe technology should slow down,I’m addict who’s wants to quit, but the crack house is right around the corner, BEST BUY!!! I blame these tech companies for my addiction. Maybe I should move to the mountains of Maine for 90 days to get clean and when I come back move out of the big city and move to a Rural part of the state just so I don’t relapse.

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